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Helicóptero Agusta Westland A109SP Grand New – Ano 2012 – 340 H.T. * FOB

*  FOB – EUROPA – Valor de venda + Impostos de nacionalização para o Brasil. Consulte-nos.

AgustaWestland A109S Grand é um helicóptero bimotor leve de sete lugares produzido pela fabricante italiana Agusta (hoje AgustaWestland). Este tipo de helicóptero é operado principalmente para transporte de passageiros (executivo também) e serviço médico de emergência (EMS) por operadores civis.

MTOW: 3.175 kg


  • Pilot flight/navigation EFIS (2 displays) with embedded FMS, Synthetic Vision (SVS), HTAWS (Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System), Slip Indicator and Remote Bug Panel (RBP) in lieu of basic Pilot flight/navigation
  • Co-Pilot flight/navigation EFIS (2 displays) with embedded EMS, Synthetic Vision (SVS), HTAWS, Slip Indicator and Remote Bug Panel (RBP)
  • Cockpit Central Display 8.4”
  • Reversionary Control Panel (RCP)
  • EFIS pilot/co-pilot navigation synchronization switch (FMS data)
  • Electronic Standby Instrument System (ESIS)
  • Second Radio Management System (RMS) RTU-4210 Collins
  • Second VHF/AM VHF-4000E Collins
  • VOR/ILS/ADF NAV-4000 Collins
  • DME-4000 Collins
  • Radio Altimeter ALT-4000 Collins
  • Second Attitude Heading Refe- rence System (AHRS)
  • Second Air Data Unit (ADU)
  • Pilot GPS/SBAS Chelton interfaced to EFIS/FMS
  • Co-Pilot GPS/SBAS Chelton interfaced TO EFIS/FMS
  • Digital Audio Control System (DACS) NAT additional Cockpit Panel
  • 4-Axis Dual Duplex Digital AFCS with integrated Flight Director
  • Second Electronic Clock
  • Second Magnetic Compass Indicator
  • ELT C406-N HM Artex (with Navigation Interface Module embedded)
  • Magnetic Compass x 2
  • Transponder TDR-94
  • Display IDU IV Display x 4
  • Traffic Avoidance System AVIDYNE TAS 620 (presented on EFIS)
  • Weather Radar RDR 2000 Bendix/King
  • Digital Map Euronav V Euroavio- nics interfaced to FMS (presented on 8.4” display)
  • Enhanced Vision System (EVS) EVS-1500 Max-Viz (presented on 8.4” display)
  • Airframe Hour Meter
  • Intersent console tray with 12 V power supply
  • Active Noise Reductions Headsets
  • Cockpit Access Handle
  • Multipurpose Holder
  • Right Doors Pocket
  • Headset Hooks (Qty 2)
  • Reinforced Windshield
  • Cyclic and Collective Leather Gators
  • Curtains in cockpit on Upper Windows
  • Windshield Wipers (pilot- and copilot) with wiper switch on cyclic grips
  • Dual Controls
  • Cabin Sunblind
  • Elite” Interior VIP 5 Places
  • All Seats crash-resistant with Leather or Fabric Leather 2 fwd facing seat (aft bench) with Elite Central Cabinet 3 aft facing seats (central bench) with see-through modification and with Foldable Armrest and Glass Holder
  • Forward Facing Side Armrests
  • 4-point Shoulder Harness with Inertial Reels and Safety Belts for all Passenger Seats
  • Super Silent Soundproofing
  • Liners Leather/Leatherette Covers
  • Cabin Double Layer Acrylic Windows
  • Customized Elite Finishing
  • Decoration Trim with Metal Inserts
  • Intercommunication System for Passengers
  • Headset Bose ANR type (Qty 5)
  • Cabin Loudspeakers (Qty 2)
  • Air Conditioning ECS (Environ ment Control System)
  • Primer Finished Cabin Walls
  • Set of 3 drawers
  • Cabinet Installation
  • Upholstery Panels
  • Reading Lights, Emergency Lights, Floor Courtesy Lights
  • Passenger Hooks (4)
  • Upper and Lower Air Vents
  • Floor Carpeting
  • Carpeting Protection
  • Seat Covers
  • Emergency Floats Provision
  • 213 USgal crash-resistant fuel system (in lieu of 152 USgal)
  • Baggage Compartment Extension (2.3 m)
  • Engine Compartment Fire Extin- guisher
  • Fuel Cap with Key-Lock
  • Pulsed Chip Detectors (in lieu of quick disconnecting chip detec- tors)
  • Rotor Brake
  • Retractable/Rotating Landing Light (nose mounted)
  • Air Intake / Exhaust Covers
  • Ground Tools Kit (including Tow Bar, Lifting Tool, Wheel Chocks)
  • Pitot Tubes Covers
  • Rotorcraft Flight Manual (RFM) and Technical Publications
  • Tie-down Fittings (Main Rotor and Tail Rotor Retention Straps)

A aeronave acima é de terceiro e como tal sujeita a venda prévia e/ou alteração de preço. Dados fornecidos pelo proprietário, sujeitos a verificação.

Model: AGUSTA A109
Engine Takeoff Power: P&W 670 shp • 207C
Max Seats: 7

PropulsionTurboshaft Engines
Engine ModelPratt & Whitney Canada PW207C
Engine Power (each)548 kW735 shp
max. Cruise Speed287 km/h155 kts
178 mph
max. Speed (vne)311 km/h168 kts
193 mph
Service Ceiling6.096 m20.000 ft
Rate of climb558 m/min1830 ft/min
Range800 km432 NM
497 mi.
Empty Weight1.655 kg3.649 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight3.175 kg7.000 lbs
Rotor Blades (main/tail)4/2
Main Rotor Diameter10,83 m35 ft 6 in
Tail Rotor Diameter1,94 m6 ft 4 in
Rotor Disc Area92,1 m²991 ft²
Length (Fuselage)11,65 m38 ft 3 in
Length12,96 m42 ft 6 in
Height3,40 m11 ft 2 in
Categoria:Helicóptero Bi-Turbina
Fabricante:Agusta Westland
Modelo:A109SP Grand New
Horas Totais:340
Combustível:Jet A
Motorização:P&W 670 shp • 207C
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